Advice for Epcot/Hollywood Studios in 1 Day

Hello! For the last day of our upcoming April trip we’re planning to spend ½ day at HS and ½ day at Epcot. I’m struggling with the best plan to make sure my 4-year-old daughter can do Frozen Ever After and 3-year-old nephew can do TSM and/or Alien Saucers.

TP says HS will be CL5, Epcot CL7

Here’s the current plan:

Morning (HS): RD TSM, Alien Saucers, SDD (if time)
Afternoon (Epcot): use FPP for Frozen, Nemo, Turtle Talk

TP current says 20-30 min waits for the TSL rides. Does that sound accurate? I just noticed that HS has morning EMH that day, which we won’t be able to use, and I’m worried that might make the TSL wait too long by 9am. Thoughts?

We considered doing RD at Epcot and FPP for HS in the afternoon. But since the TSL lines are tiered it seemed risky to go there in the afternoon since the lines will be much longer after we use our 1 FP. We do have a baby with us so I suppose we could try rider switch and have part of the group get TSM and the other half get Alien SS?

FYI that we’re 29 days out (I got my Epcot afternoon FPP yesterday) so only afternoon FPP are available for both TSL and Frozen.

Thanks for any advice!