Advice for Disney and Chemo

Looking for some tips if you, or your family, has been to Disney while someone was receiving chemo therapy treatments.

Thankfully, I have an autoimmune issue and my meds are injectable, but I am experiencing nausea and fatigue. I will need to have one dose while we are traveling.

Well, obviously stay out of direct sunlight and wear very very high level sunblock and wide rimmed hat.

Pace yourself, Disney will still be here when you come back, you don’t need to do it all.

Consider renting a ECV or maybe if someone is willing to give you a wheelchair push?

Watch your food, you don’t need anything new and foreign messing with your stomach any more than chemo does. Stick to tried and true and -no matter how tempting- don’t go for extra spicy.

You know when and how your body reacts to your treatment, maybe make that day a resort/pool day?

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And above all, enjoy!!


Everyone reacts differently to chemo. While it wasn’t Disney, I went to the hospital one Friday afternoon and handed back my infusion pump. (treatment cycle had ended). I then proceeded to drive three hours into the night, and went backpacking on Massachusetts’ highest peak (Mt. Greylock) on what was my son’s first trip as a Boy Scout.

My Oncologist was actually NOT impressed. “Tell me again how you didn’t die?” she asked the next time I saw her.

Point is - if you’re feeling good, don’t stop. Do what you always do. Allow extra time to rest if you need it, and know your limits. Dairy products and coffee of all things set off my nausea - I didn’t touch the stuff when I was on chemo and for the most part everything went well.


For nausea are you bringing zofran or phenergan ? Phenergan is sedating, I’d suggest zofran as needed. Ginger chew candy helps with nausea as does green apples. If these are on your list of foods you’re allowed to eat.

Hydrate!! Electrolyte packets are awesome for on the go day hydration- Pedialyte, drip drop.

Hand sanitizer - I’m sure you’re well versed in this aspect already :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps Disney disability services if you need extra assistance ?

And definitely rest as needed. Especially if injection or post injection day is the toughest, take it easy on that one! Have a great vacation !!

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This is all excellent advice. I hadn’t even considered the sunlight as an issue despite the warnings. Our highs here have still been in the low 20s, so it hasn’t been an issue. I did make arrangements for an ECV. I’ve never needed that before, and am a bit nervous about it.

Ah! Such a good idea. I have Zofran, and am planning to bring it. I’ll add pedialyte to our grocery order.

All of this.

And also: be well :pray:t3:

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All of the above and Also be careful as you will be more prone to infection on immune suppressing drugs, hand hygiene and maybe even avoid buffets, and fresh cut fruits and veggies as they are more likely to harbor bacteria

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Thanks. The immunocompromised piece is probably what is giving me the most stress right now. Just that number of people and the plane and everything. I have spoken to my physician and he encouraged me to go. To live my life as much as I can with my normal restrictions for hand washing/ sanitizer, etc. It’s just terrifying.

I have food allergies, so we aren’t planning any buffet options. However, that was another thing I hadn’t considered.

I hope you have a great trip. Your Doc is right, you should live your life, do the things that make you happy!

Disney is the best place to be for food allergies. Even buffets. Something will be made special for you.

My niece and my cousin both have food allergies. When we make ADRs we note the allergies. At the restaurant a chef speaks to them about what they can eat and what he can do.

At buffets a chef will walk the buffet discussing what ingredients are in the dishes. My niece has been enough that last trip she knew what she could eat and had no problems.

Thanks. I’m not worried at all about eating with food allergies. Just the potential for spreading illness since my immune system is reduced.