Advice for big people re: Universal Orlando

Went to Universal Orlando on Jan 23 18. Set up plans for visiting back in October. Several sites said that there was consideration there for big people. Let me tell you there is not this accomodation. I could only get in on the Minions Mayhem but barely made it out of there OK. The retaining bar was so tight I thought I would get cramps in my leg. If I had known this before going in I could have sat on a non-moving row, but this was not made clear. I walked all around the park and had lunch but otherwise I did nothing else. The park did comp me with a gift card that equaled what I paid for the ticket. Park rep told me they did not want to publicize the tight quarters for big people because it could offend someone. I guess that is just me but I would have rather known this ahead of time rather when I got there. I am going to Disney tomorrow and Wednesday and I hope I don’t run into this surprise again/.

I’m sorry that happened. Did you try other rides or decide against it after Minions? My understanding is that Disney is much more accommodating than Universal with regard to bigger guests, so hopefully you are having a great time!

I feel your pain I am poo sized also, and was very disappointed several years ago with Universal. I watched You Tube vlogs on being poo sized in Disney, I know i won’t fit on everything but I will on a lot. Most coasters are out for me but the rest should be ok.

As I was leaving Minions I asked a crew member if the rest of the park was like that. He said that several of the rides could work, but when I got to those rides the sample seat was too small and the crew member on duty said they did not have a non-movable section like Minions.