Advice about Photopass

A few questions:

  1. What photopass locations are the best and/or must stops for each park?

  2. Does this process take more than 3-5 minutes? Or is it like a “line” situation?

  3. If you have a magic band, do the photos from rides/enchanted tales with belle/character dinners/boutique/pirates league, automatically get loaded or do I need to show them the “card” that was mailed to me? For some reason, I thought you had a MB or a card?

There’s a list somewhere. I’ll have to find it. Not sure how updated it is though. Often I just go to lots of stops, ask if they have magic shots and get it done.

more popular backdrop spots (castle, tree, spaceship earth, chinese theatre) may have some lines, but there are often multiple photographers in a row so it’s not unreasonable of a wait. Plan for 5-8 minutes for each photog.

for meals and other non-ride experiences, there will be a PPP photographer there to scan your card or band.

for rides, it should automatically load. However, I often head over to the monitors, where you can scan your band under your pic.

ETA: when you get your MM in the mail, you can link the card in your MDE, if it’s not there already.


On my Disney Experience it shows up under my reservations… so I assume this means it’s linked to my MB?

yep. it’s linked to your account and your MB links to that account.

The account is where all the information lives, not the MB. So if it’s on your account, it should show up with your MB.


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