Advice about hotel for teenagers - recommendations

Planning wayyyyyyy ahead - last time we came was 2018 and we arranged this ourselves and stayed in a villa with a car and then had 3 nights in a very nice hotel for Universal
We will have a 15 year old and 17 year old by the time we come 2026 ( yes i am a planner) and we would like to stay on sight without a car and also spend 7 days in Universal ( thinking of returning to Lowes Pacific which will cost us a fortune so cant spend a fortune in WDW)
To save me a little research recommend me your hotel in Disney world moderate or value
What we are after:

Great transport links to parks
Great pool
Two queen beds
Disney dining ( is that thing anymore?)
Not bothered for any character meets
Happy for it to be quieter and not too hectic
Love the planning of Disney holidays but it will be in April so super busy!

If anyone has split there holiday like this ( 7 WD/7 universal) and can advise a travel company to put this together i would also be interested

Thanks for reading

Edited to say i really have lost the WDW knowledge i obtained in 2018 and also know NOTHING about the hotels as didnt have to research

Moderate I would think. Values are SO small, and they transportation options, without cars are usually buses. Pop has skyliner access to EPCOT and DHS, so that is something, but the rooms are still small.

AoA has family suites, but they are not inexpensive.

We like CBR for the Skyliner convenience and the slightly larger rooms, but tbh, the rooms really need updating. However, I would think by 2026 they would all be refreshed.

Edited to add that our own @OBNurseNH can probably help out with the planning!

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For 2 adults and 2 adult sized humans, I would not recommend a value unless you’re willing to get 2 rooms. Too squishy.

If you did go that route, I would recommend Pop for Skyliner access.

But, for a moderate that is well-linked to parks via transport you should think about Caribbean Beach Resort. The rooms are a little bit bigger here, you could spring for a 5th sleeper and get three sleep surfaces (2 queens and a twin-ish sized pull-down) and you’d still be on Skyliner

If you’re less concerned about Skyliner you should know that all resorts offer buses (in case you didn’t). In that case I might recommend you consider Coronado Springs Resort, and specifically Gran Destino Tower. Those rooms are quite spacious and plush. You’re very very close to HS, close to EP, and not very far from AK and MK. There is a fabulous feature pool (The Dig Site) and lots of great dining options.


I would also second this recommendation. The GDT is VERY nice and the dining options at CSR are plentiful and good. The only drawback is bus transportation only. We always have a car, so transportation isn’t a deal killer for us. But I do hate the buses.

I echo everything @OBNurseNH said. The only place I would add is Port Orleans French Quarter bc it’s the smallest moderate resort and is very close to Epcot and HS and you can take the boat to Disney Springs for shopping and dining.


Along this line, back in August 2020, we got two connecting rooms at Pop…one had a King bed, and the other had two queens (one of which was the murphy bed style). This gave us plenty of room while giving my wife and I some privacy from the kids and two separate bathrooms…but…when you start paying for two rooms at someplace like Pop, you are getting pretty pricey as well.

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hear hear

I really didn’t like my stay at All-Star Music stay and it is also bus only but it does have family suites for much cheaper than AoA and the suites themselves look spacious and cute online.

But I’d still personally pick CBR or CSR depending on if cool transportation or beautiful resort is your poison.

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thank you - CBR had captured my attention due to the skyliner and my kids will prefer Epcot and DHS anyway


i will take a look thank you

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My teens are straight DHS fans, they rode ToT something like a dozen times on a recent trip when we stayed at BWV and they could walk/boat constantly. They’d go to DHS, ride ToT and get a starbucks and then come back to the hotel and swim and repeat.

Also if it’s not too scary for you, check out renting points at BCV or BWV if Epcot and DHS are your priorities and compare the pricing to CBR. I find I can rent deluxe points for Disney Moderate prices (or even less than).

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not heard of GDT before? Will take a look at that and CSR - the CBR had already got my attention :wink:

GDT = Gran Destino Tower and it’s a new building at CSR. Basically a Deluxe* at a Moderate hotel. But part of the same official resort.

For example, they have club level and an upscale steakhouse and rooftop bar with gorgeous views.

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GDT is within CSR. It is a category of rooms that you’ll find as you go through booking. But choose CSR to start so that you can get to the GDT rooms there!

BWV sorry lost my way?

Boardwalk Villas = BWV and BCV = Beach Club Villas. The DVC parts of Boardwalk Inn and Beach Club Resort. I usually rent points thru one of these online dealers:

  1. Rent DVC Points & Save on Disney Vacation Club Resorts | David’s Vacation Club Rentals (
  2. DVC Shop Rentals - Your One Stop Shop For DVC Rentals
  3. Check Availability & Price - DVC Rental Store

I’ve worked with all three and never had an issue with any of them but they do have slightly different prepay/cancellation policies.

*Just another thought with a lot of the DVC’s though, you don’t get two queen size beds in a studio or a one bedroom. In a studio at BCV or BWV, you get a queen size bed and then a sleeper sofa that is a queen and one pull down twin sized bed (but not as long as a normal twin so works for someone my height or my daughter’s height but not for my 6’5" husband). My kids actually don’t care about sleeper sofas, and they prefer the idea of having their own beds so DS18 takes the couch bed and DD16 takes the twin pull down.


I would also check out rates at Swan/Dolphin. You can walk to EP and HS at a moderate price (sometimes).

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We were 5 in a room at CBR. A 14 yo was comfortable on the pull down twin murphy bed.

Stay was 5 days. Two adults, two 14 yo and a 9 yo. Luckily we were all the “keep stuff stowed if you’re not using it” kind of folks.

We were in Jamaica.

While we like the food choices at CSR if you’ve got a person that fits the twin Murphy, CBR is hard to beat.