Adventures by Disney - any groups like this for ABD?

I’m taking my first ABD trip next year. There’s not a lot of talk of ABD here, so wondering if anyone knows if there are groups similar to this that cover ABD topics? (I’m not on Facebook).

Lou Mongello of WDW Radio did a report on his trip to Japan. I ran into a family on my Grand Canyon trip that was there with ABD

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I have heard some podcast reports but I don’t know of any forums.

Can you share? What ABD are you taking?

There is another forum (name is the first three letters of Disney) that has an ABD forum. It should be noted that they are a travel agent who books ABD (owners of the forum that is). But I have found the info from the forum users to be really helpful


Lol, you might not be able to say “touring plans” there but you can say Disboards here (even if some of us might have strong opinions about them :wink:).


Thanks, I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to break the rules :slight_smile:


The rules are basically be kind, be helpful.


Yes! I listened to that podcast and one he did on his ABD to China :blush:

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I’m going to their Southeast Asia adventure - Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Yeah, I’ve listened to podcasts and watched some YouTube but I guess I’m hungry for more info. This group has spoiled me for vacation planning support :sunglasses:


Thanks, I’ve listened to a couple of their podcasts and watched a couple of YouTube videos but I’ll Check out the forum - thanks!

He did one on Japan.