Advantage Rental Car

Tried to search this, but the word advantage is messing up the search.

Has anyone used this car rental agency in MCO. It says they have the car on property (no shuttle) and it is almost $100 less than the Dollar car rental reservation I have now.

Afraid to try this name I’ve never heard of.

Anyone with any experience?

Thank you.

We use National and they are somewhat more expensive than others. The problem you get with fly by night companies is that the vehicles are usually older and if something happens to them while you have them they are slower than slow to come and fix them.

Agreed. I dot know this company but we used Payless one tome to save a few bucks. There were mites all over the car. I will never go with a cheap carrier again.

Also have not used them but their yelp reviews aren’t promising.

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I used Advantage in Hawaii and it was without incident. Haven’t used them in MCO but I did use E-Z with some issues. Now that I’m more established financially, I will spring for a recognizable brand name for something as important as a rental car, even if it’s Budget, Thrifty, or Dollar rather than Hertz, Avis or Enterprise. Though I’ll do any of those if the price is comparable.


We got a 15 passenger van from Enterprise that was infested with German cockroaches. More expensive doesn’t always mean you’re excluded from these types of problems.

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Gross! Enterprise is my preferred as we are preferred members.

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It was horrible!!! We did our best to keep them out of the house. We shook out all of our clothes, burned a bunch of stuff, but I still found them inside. The process to get rid of roaches is intense. I had to empty every built in drawer and cabinet (kitchen, bathroom, office) in the house. Miserable, miserable experience.

oh no!!! What did you do?

ETA - I didn’t realize there was another post. This is awful.

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It is directly related to why we are flying instead of driving this year!!

I bet it was a pretty penny to rent a 15 passenger van, as well.

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We rented for 2 weeks, maybe 16 days. It was around $1,400. They offered to refund $400. I stood my ground and only paid $400.

The bugs would make no deal a good enough one, per se; but your original price was pretty good IMO. I was looking at rentals for 10 days upward of $1000 for a 12/15 pax…

You’re right, I have a horrible memory, I just looked it up. It was 20 days for just under $2,200. They discounted almost $1,300.

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@qwerty6 sorry to tag on late to this, but did you go with Advantage on the end, or find out anything else? I’m nervously booked with advantage for April.

Hi @JillL. I did not use Advantage after all. I used Dollar. I found a deal I could love with through Autoslash and then set up an alert and changed my reservation a number of times to get it as low as I could.

Thanks @qwerty6!