Advanced Reservations

Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone had ever ended up bringing MORE people to an ADR than what was on their initial reservation? Were you seated? I have an ADR for Chip and Dale breakfast at Epcot for 4 but my husband and son MAY want to join us. Would that be an issue to show up with six? I know that they don’t book tables, per se, but places within the restaurant. Thanks so much for the help!!!

Can you modify the reservation to get it for 6 instead? I’ve heard they don’t charge you for some people not showing up as long as some of you do show up.

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Most of the time they will accommodate you, but you’ll have to wait.


This is a better option

I have tried to change the reservation to 6 multiple times. There are a several reservations still available for 4 but none for 6. I guess if worse comes to worse, I could make a separate reservation for 2.

I would grab one as a backup, otherwise they will all be gone! You can always ask to be seated together.

Has anyone ever? Yes. I believe this is called “pulling a Len” after the time Mr. Testa showed up with 12 people and had an ADR for two (I may not be remembering the exact numbers; that podcast was a long time ago). :smiley:

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Cinderella Castle I never could get reservation for 7. I found a 6 and a1 the times were maybe 10 min difference but we arrived and told them we were together and we were seated immediately all at one table. Not sure if different at different restaurants but we had no problem. But did have reservation for everyone. I would try 4 and 2. You can always cancel the 2 if you don’t use