Advanced reservations for 7: struggling

Hi. I am making Advance Reservations for our May, 2015 trip. We have a party of seven. Five adults and 2 children (3 years old each) and it’s been tough making online reservations for this many people. For example, this morning I tried for a lunch @ Liberty Tree and there was no availability, so they say. Is this just too large a party for the Central Dining Reservation system to comprehend? (Interestingly, I haven’t had a problem for a party of 7 making reservations at places like Narcoosee’s or Cal Grill). Would appreciate your thoughts.

Have you tried calling Disney dining? A live person might be able to help you. Good luck!

Good idea. Thanks!

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Maybe try looking for 8? I had no trouble finding ADRs for 8 at 6 months out for my trip. We switched ADRs around a few times, but we had ones for 8 at Sanaa, Rose & Crown, Raglan Road, Restaurant Marrakesh and Via Napoli at one point. I’m only listing them because I think you could be right about some restaurants not having larger tables, but at least I know these have them! It might help to call. I prefer doing it online, but maybe they can help. Good luck!

Also, try splitting up the reservations. We have a party of 8, and for a couple I have to make 2 reservations for 4 people, with similar times. Some places (like Tutto), you can call the restaurant directly and get a res for a large party!

ETA: I made a separate account in my hubbys name and made sure to not include his name on the first res so that there would be no conflicts.