Advanced Genie plus/BG1 help for Epcot

Need some help from experts for our late arrival day at Epcot tomorrow. We should be in the park by 3 PM at the latest. Our ideal plan would have an LL for Remy at 2:30 PM, FEA at 3:30 PM an TT at 8 PM. Is this possible??? Should I go fo TT or Remy first. I know that i will have to modify. Thanks!!!

Having been there the last couple of weeks I doubt you can get all 3.

My suggestions depend on whether you are happy to do single rider for TT.

If yes, then grab Remy first and then FEA.
If not, I would go for Remy and then TT, and be prepared to wait for FEA. The line for FEA never seemed outrageous, and doing it later on means hopefully many of the families with younger kids will have prioritised it for earlier in the day.