Adults ordering kids' meals

Apologies if this has been asked/answered before…

Heading down from Canada for our 5th trip to WDW in a few weeks - 1st time going without a dining plan. DDs are 14 and 15.

At a TS restaurant (non-buffet) - are my DDs able to order from a children’s menu? In particular BOG and Teppan Edo dinners. US/Disney meal sizes are notoriously HUGE compared to what we’re used to “up here” and I know they can easily get away with children’s meals at a fraction of the cost.


It won’t be a problem. They could also share if they would prefer something off the main menu.

Anyone can order off the children’s menu.

I’ve ordered off the kids menu at breakfast at POP. I like my Micky Waffles and my Mickey milk :smile:

This is why we don’t do the dining plan. My wife almost always orders from the kids menu. Now at 44 she still looks rather young and she has the playfulness of as little kid. So I guess they see that and allow her to order from the kids menu.