Adults only trip! Magic Kingdom advice

We are planning on an adults only anniversary trip in early August. We were just there with our kids over Christmas break. Our goal is to ride Tron, ride our favorites and get a steak dinner.

Is Tron running VQ and iLL? We plan on getting G+ and are staying on property. Should we go for the Castle or BOG for an anniversary dinner? Or a restaurant on the monorail? Looking to keep it under $100/person. I was looking at a dessert party, but I would rather do a nice dinner and just watch the fireworks wherever. Any other advice or snacks to try??


I wouldn’t go to either for a couples only trip. I would splurge at Citricos or ‘Ohana or California Grill.

Tron is running a VQ and ILL right now.


I wouldn’t pick BOG or CRT for an adult only dinner. I would hop the monorail to CG or Citricos. You could also do SH71 if you want something less fancy.


Ok, we will look into those. I know CG is a nicer dress code. What about the other?

Pardon me for assuming from your itinerary you have a love for Magic Kingdom. If that is the case, I think the castle is a magical option. The food isn’t fancy, but it’s pre fixe and easy to stay under your $100 pp budget. The atmosphere is absolutely gorgeous. Even more so for thise with an affinity to MK. Citricos and Cali Grill are great, but they will strain your budget. Unless - you stick to entree only. No apps, no wine, no dessert, etc. And yes, you would want to “dress up” for them. The castle is park clothes all day without batting eyelashes.

ETA: Cali is pre fixe these days as well at $89.
But … does your budget include the tip? Will there be wine, or mixed drinks? Are you prepared to change from park clothes? CG does have rooftop fireworks.


Agree that dinner inside the castle is magical at any age, and that fireworks inside MK are far more immersive and magical than from a nearby resort (though if that’s what you decide, we’ve enjoyed watching from both GF Marina (in front of Gasparilla Island Grill) and from the Poly Beach). Some Liners have reported that watching fireworks from inside the castle is also quite special. We also like watching without crowds (but also no projections) in the many wide open spaces in Fantasyland, or timing to coincide with an outdoor ride on 7DMT, BTMR or even Dumbo.


So fun! DH and I just did this last Sept. It was awesome. I haven’t been to BOG, so I’d choose the Castle out of those 2. If it’s a short trip I’d stay in the park to eat to maximize fun. Have a great time!

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If sticking inside the park I would choose CRT hands down. BOG just feels so chaotic to me. It’s also ridiculously dark and loud in there and the Beast practically sprints around the room and that’s it. CRT is an experience from the minute you enter the castle doors. I’m honestly not that impressed with the menu, especially the dessert selections, but it’s the freaking castle!!

If you are more about the food than the setting, I would choose Cali Grill. It’s basically the same price as the in park options, but a way elevated experience. You don’t have to get dressed up, but jeans and a tshirt are going to be a little out of place. Think more business casual than beach casual.


This. We were celebrating 50 years together last year. Our more favorite meals were the more “unspecial”. Our most upscale restaurant had the worst service. And we spent the most. Had drinks, dessert, as well as the main food.

We could go to that restaurant 11 more times and probably have great service. But expectations are kinda based on price. Instead of the meal being about yourselves.

I’d pick the Castle. That’s not going to change. You could get an apathetic server but you’re still in the Castle. And BOG is chaotic. :confounded:

As for fireworks. One of our best times was near the Carrousel and Mickey’s Philharmagic. Wow! Not so crowded and you’re IN the fireworks.

We like watching from the Poly as well. But in the Philharmagic area is over the top.