Adult-only Trip should we see Enchanted Tales?

I’m planning our next trip for the end of January and trying to decide if I should add Enchanted Tales with Belle to our touring plan. Here are the facts:

  • We are 2 adults with no kids
  • I have 3 MK days planned
  • 2 of those days have an estimated crowd level of 1 (yay January/February!)
  • We do like kids, just none in our lives at the moment
  • We plan to get to the park early (near RD) all three days (we are in the parks all day sort of people)
  • We’ve never seen ETwB
  • We went to WDW last year, so our “must-see” list is short…we just like being in the parks

So…clearly this would be a great time to do it…3 MK days, low wait times, etc…BUT we don’t have kids. Is it worth it if you don’t have kids?


I think so if you’ve never seen it. We went as two adults last year and it was fun to watch the kids. We probably wouldn’t do it again without kids now that we’ve seen it but you should definitely try it.

If you haven’t ever seen it, I would go. I really enjoyed it when I went (as a solo adult). The audioanimatronics and special effects are wonderful. It’s worth seeing once, but I’m not sure how much repeat value it has for an adult visitor.

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Thanks! I was thinking that might be answer, but wanted some confirmation that it can be enjoyable for just adults (if only once).

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@theredhead. I’m glad I am hearing from other folks who went without kids. I adore animatronics, so I’ll definitely add it to my list. Thanks for the help!


I agree that it’s worth it. DH and I went to the show in December (we are late 40’s/early 50’s). It is neat to see the cottage, and the wardrobe and Lumiere are worth seeing.

I have this touch of OCD that says I have to have seen every attraction that has ever been in WDW at least once (MILF is the only one that I still need to see) - if for no other reason than to be able to comment on it first hand, so I went to see it as a solo adult. I had already watched it on YouTube and didn’t love it, but I had to feed my OCD. I have no children, do not have an inherent love of children in general, and have never enjoyed children’s theater. All of that being said, it was kind of cool. The Wardrobe and Lumier AAs were very well done, Belle played her part very well, it wasn’t too long, and it was air conditioned. Will I go to see it again? No. But when all was said and done, I did not regret to 30 min or so that it took to do it.