Adult only Anniversary trip! ***Epcot Advice needed

My husband took me by surprise and suggested we go back to WDW for our Anniversary this summer!! (We just took our kids for 7 park days over Christmas break). This trip will be short, just 2.5 days. We plan to do Epcot on our arrival day. Our flight gets in at 11a. We are staying at Caribbean Beach. Planning to get a ride to the hotel, drop off our bags and take the Skyliner to Epcot.

Our goal at Epcot is to ride GOTG at least once. Eat all sorts of cool stuff at the different countries and ride whatever we decide.

I’ll purchase at iLL for GOTG at 7a, but what are your thoughts on trying for the VQ. I’m worried that we might not get to the park by 1p.

Also, would you bother buying G+ and stacking for the afternoon? We will definitely use it at MK and HS…trying to decide if it’s worth it for a half day at Epcot.

Lastly, what are you favorite quick service items available at Epcot??

(We have never gone as adults without kids)


IF there is still a GOTG virtual queue by summer, you should be able to try at 7am or 1pm regardless of if you’re in the park or not. It is possible that they will not have a VQ at this time.

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Yeah keep an eye on the VQ situation for GotG as it could change with Tron opening. I would aim for the 7am VQ knowing (that for now at least) you can show up late and still ride. For 2 adults that also want to focus on eating around WS I think I would skip G+ that day. You could single rider TT if you wanted to and the other Future World rides should have managable waits in the later afternoon.

Les Halles in France is still the go-to for food. Skip the crepe window by Ratatouille. Also slushies from the wine/slushie stand are a must.
Fish & chips at the Yorkshire qs is good to share for a snack. Also easy to get a Harp lager there.
The drink and pastry window at the far end of the Spice Road Table building has some really delicious and cheap sweets. Most contain some kind of nut though.
Gotta get caramel something at Karamel Kouche in Germany.
The Lotus Cafe in China has cheap appetizer kids meals if you want an eggroll or crab rangoon. Try the Lucky Buddha beer too.
Kringlashop in Norway has yummy sweets too including my favorite rice cream.
Margaritas in Mexico (duh). This may be the most important stop on the list.


I was going to answer and then I saw your response. It’s exactly what I would have said.


I mean I did leave out a few drinks, but yeah that’s pretty much the best of it all.


If you’re tequila fans, I’d look into booking the “La Cava Experience” - a tequila tasting in La Cava. It’s awesome, you get great tastes of things… it’s listed at 45 minutes - but we did it during Covid days and we were the only one booked for the day so our tequilieria stayed with us 3 hours and maybe unofficially brought us a few extras…