Ads on the forum

Are we supposed to be getting adds on our phones in the forum?

I think @Lentesta said that they were going to try ads for a bit to see if it generated enough income to help keep our costs lower. Something like a month’s trial and then they would see if the benefit outweighed the annoyance. :slight_smile:

Yep he said 30 days… then he’ll have some open discussions about what it might mean to the subscription cost and how we felt about having them. So far they’ve been really unobtrusive.

Why do they only show up on the phones?

Not sure. @daybreaker - are ads showing up for you on desktop?

Getting them on my iPad…

I get them on my desktop as well (using IE11).

I haven’t had a single ad so far and I am using my iPhone and iPad only. Weird that others are getting them.

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