Ads in forum

Hello. I am logged in as a subscriber but am still getting ads. Is this normal?

I still see them too, so I think it's the way things are for now. Can you access the threads in La Cava? That's the subscriber-only section. As long as you aren't locked out of that area, then you are seeing the same thing we are all seeing. Welcome! Just ask if you have any questions.

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Funny, I hardly even notice the ads anymore. I guess my eyes are used to them and I'm able to skim right over them. (Or maybe it's because I'm 50 now and my eyesight is getting worse! 😃)

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The ads are going to stay there to offset the costs of TP subscriptions this year. Anyone who went through the transition from chat to forum gets a life time paid subscription and a 30x48 poster of @LenTesta. But act now and you could be eligible for a one day shopping spree with @LaurelStewart. {Terms and conditions apply. Believing any of this could result in mockery.}


Ah, we'll remove the ads shortly. It got lost in our list of things to do.


Thanks Len!