ADRs unavailable for dinner at Magic Kingdom June 2017?

I am attempting to make dinner ADRs for Magic Kingdom for June 1 and June 4, 2017. There is nothing available after 6:00, even though the park hours are showing that Magic Kingdom is open until 9:00 pm both evenings. Does anyone know why this would be the case?

It’s more than 180 days out today, so you won’t be able to book it yet. You should be able to do it tomorrow.

A date calculator shows that June 1 is more than 180 days from now (181). Unless you are staying onsite and your trip starts before that, you will have to wait one more day.

I am staying onsite, so I am within my timelines to make ADRs. I have made all other ADRs during my stay without issue. For whatever reason there is no availability at Magic Kingdom after 6:00 pm during this time frame.

I’d have to bet if you try tomorrow you’ll find them available. Honestly, I’m surprised you can do any today.

If you use this calculator and put it the date that you are arriving, 6-1-2017, it will show you when you can make your reservations for different time frames, like 180 days out, 60 days out, and so forth. I put in 6-1-2017 and it shows 12-3-2016 as the first date to start making at the 180 days out.
Please try it for yourself and keep it as it is the one that my travel agent sent me the link to when I first used her.

I do hope this helps.

I am arriving at an on-site resort on 5/29/2017. I am within my 180+10 booking window. I have made other ADRs for 6/1/2017 and 6/4/2017 because they are within my 180+10 window. I am just curious if there is an event I am not aware of because there is no availability for sit down dinners at Magic Kingdom June 1, 2, 3, 4.

There is a large event that us taking place but its not an official event. Gay Days is going from May 30 - June 4, 2017. This might affect some.

Keep checking, and there is no harm in calling Disney to ask.

Look again. I just checked online, and saw times after 6pm on June 1 available for BOG and CRT.

What is this “+10” of which you speak? Never heard of that.

When you stay on site, one of the benefits is you can make ADRs at 180 days from your day 1, for all the days of your stay up to a limit of 10 days. If you stay for less time, it is only good for length of stay. If you stay longer, than it is a rolling 10 days, meaning you can make ADRs for each additional day as they come into that 180+10 window.

So, if you’re staying 14 days, say 12/1 - 12/15, you can book ADRs for 12/1-12/11 starting on 6/4 (180 days before 12/1), but you can’t book 12/12 until 6/5?

Yes, that’s the idea. I’m not real sure on if your first group includes 12/11 or if it stops at 12/10 - I’ve never stayed long enough to try that myself. Maybe someone else can help clarify that.