ADRs Unavailable at DHS May 10 - 15 2015

Does anyone know what might be going at DHS during May 10-15? No ADRs are available for Hollywood and Vine or Sci Fi for those days. I talked to an agent this morning and she had no idea why that was as the park is showing as open. There are rezzies available before and after, just no on the 10th, 14th and 15th.

Might be Star Wars special events like last year.

I thought that too, but they should be the following week. Very strange. :frowning:

This is also happening for memorial day weekend. I do agree that it’ll be for some special dining events like last year that were only offered on the weekends (during SWW).

Last year, people had made ADRs and were subsequently canceled when the special dining was announced, causing much fervor. This year it looks like they are just holding them back.

I loved the SCI FI character bfast. It was awesome.

ETA. last year they added an extra weekend for SWW. Perhaps they are doing the same this year.