ADRs to cancel: November 16 and 17

I posted this on the chat, but thought someone might be interested on the forum. Shortened my trip so I have the following ADRs to cancel.

11/16 BOG 4:00pm for 2 ppl
11/16 BOG 4:20pm for 2 ppl
11/16 MVMCP BOG 7:05 for 2 ppl
11/17 Bon Voyage Bfast at Trattoria al Forno 7:30am for 4 ppl

NOTE: I made the 4:20 BOG by modifying the 4:00 so I’m not sure if they are really 2 separate ADRs. I do have 2 diff conf numbers showing in MDE. I swear I wasn’t hoarding and didn’t do that on purpose :slight_smile: