ADR's - SWGE Opening Day

I must say I am a bit surprised that ADR’s for August 29th are still readily available. I just searched and was easily able to get a Fantasmic Package with Lunch at Mama Melrose.

Since ADR’s are usually among the last to be denied entry in phased closures, I would have thought those would have been all snapped up by now.

Probably because an ADR is not going to help you get into Galaxy’s Edge. Into DHS - sure. But into the land itself - you will be in a line for a very long time.

Unless of course they do have some kind of reservation system or virtual queue. But even so, being in the park won’t directly help you get into SW:GE.

That’s true, but even park access might get locked down, so the ADR would be a hedge against that first “checkpoint”

I think it’s highly likely there will be two lines for park entry.

One for Galaxy’s Edge, because there won’t be room in the park for everyone to wait.

And one for park entry for the other part of the park.

Unless they operate a virtual queue and/or reservation system from day 1. In which case, an ADR may well help.

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That’s a good point about the 2 queues. Is that how Pandora was at first?