ADRs, Stay Length, and 180+10

Some recent posts on ADRs raised a few questions in my mind that I’m not sure of the answer to:

  • For a given stay length, how many “days” of ADRs are you allowed to make reservations for? As a simple example, say I have a 1-night reservation for December 1st - on June 4th (180 days) can I make ADRs for 2 days, December 1st and the 2nd?

  • With this in mind, what does 180+10 actually mean? If I have a 14-night reservation starting December 1st, on June 4th can I make ADRs for December 1st - 11th (initial day plus 10) or December 1st - 10th (10 days in total)? (I believe that the latter is the case, but as I have never been at WDW for longer than 5 days at a stretch I have never been able to test this out…)

Well, I have an answer to this part. 180+10 really does mean that - at Day 180 you can make reservations for your arrival day plus up to 10 days thereafter, limited by the length of your reservation. So, for a 14-night reservation starting December 1st at Day 180 I can make reservations for December 1st - 11th. Then Day 179 I can make reservations for December 12th, and so on.


This is correct.

I had an interesting misinterpretation of the policy yesterday, as we are staying on site for a week but changing hotels mid way through for a change of experience and a “split” stay. I have 2 separate 180 day windows, and it was explained to me that booking is very literally 180+ length of stay for each separate reservation. I found this frustrating, as I will not have any advantage booking early for the end (and most lucrative, deluxe portion) of our trip.

That’s definitely one of the disadvantages of a split stay.


We are coming for 14 days at Christmas. Even tho we have a split stay I was able to book at 180 for the first 11 days (1st plus 10 more). Then the next day I was able to book for day 12 and so on.

Booked through dvc tho not all parts are on points. Not sure if that made the difference or if always like that.

Meant to add…

When you are at 180 days the dates on the calendar that you can book for turn from grey/gray to blue.

I think it’s because as long as you have your reservations in mde, the length of your stay is the total. Same for refillable mugs. I wondered if we’d need to buy them for 2nd reservation but told that it’s the total length of stay that matters. Same for ft+ too.

Total stay is what’s important. :grinning: