ADRs problems this morning

I am so incredibly frustrated this morning! I have been up before 6 am to get on the computer to make ADRs and when I pressed find table it comes up with “We’re sory, there is a problem searching for reservations at this time.”
I kept trying and was able to get some days during our stay but there is two days (of course CRT day!) that still will not come up.
I have also called and they said that the computers were being worked on, really in the morning when they know people are going to try to get their dining reservations! She said to try again in about an hour. I have been here trying since 6 and now I’m worried that if I walk away we will never get CRT for breakfast.
Sorry for venting but just SO mad about this!

Sorry you are frustrated! A few thoughts :

Since CRT is one of the most difficult to get, I treat every opening I see for it as a special surprise – I never expect it. And I see when I can get it, then plan days around that. I would never trust I could get it exactly when I wanted it.

On the other hand it sounds like you are at 180. That is lots of time for others to cancel and for you to find an opening.

Best of luck!

It is just so maddening that when I called a second time their system was up but not the computer. Though for some reason CRT breakfast was still not loaded in the system. When I spoke with a manager about my frustration she said that no one can make any dining reservations this morning, when I told her that was not true that I was able to make 4 others and the representative that I had just talked to was able to make another she said that they really were not made even though they are on MDE. Something is definitely wrong with their system and they do not keep their cast members up to date on information.

What in the world?!? I hear ya, I hate calling Disney because while sometimes you get somebody sweet and fun and most importantly helpful and competent, that is clearly totally random luck, and there are so many poorly informed folks on the phones too.

Hope you get everything you need! Keep us posted!

My 180 day and the three days following was when the “plus 10” wasn’t working and so you couldn’t do it online. Had to call for anything!!! I feel your pain. Good luck and keep at it! Try calling for that CRT…

I just called again and this last cast member looked and she was also surprised because there are no breakfast in the system but there are dinners for every day. I have a dinner just in case but I really want a breakfast because the dinner food really does not appeal to me. I will keep trying right up to the last minute and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for letting me vent. :smile:

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Definitely check a bunch- could be a goof and they may pop up any time!