ADRs on a split stay?

Please help me understand. I need to make ADRs on Wed for our Oct trip. We will be there on a Monday through Saturday on a split DVC reservation. 4 nights at GF and 1 night at AK-Kidani.

Do I have to call two separate times to make ADRs or can I make all our dining reservations when I call the first time?

You can make the first stay at 180 from check-in, and the second stay at 180 days from that reservation start. They are 2 totally separate reservations as far as Disney is concerned.

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I know this is true; however, if you have a 1 night room ressie, can you make ADRs for checkin day only, or can you also do check out day as well at 180 days from check in?

I know it’s 180 days from check in for each stay, but I had a CM tell me, you never know what pixie dust might happen. I have a similar situation…1 night and then 7 nights. My ADR for first night opens next Monday…I will certainly get up at crack of dawn for even that one day…who knows, I might get lucky and get all 8 nights starting then. If not, I’ll get up at the crack of dawn again on Tuesday and do the rest!

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I’ll let you know if I’m able to make my reservation for the one extra day on Wednesday! I’m hoping for pixie dust!

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Yes you should get check out day too.

okay. cool. So @eorders467, you should then be able to make ressies for your first day at AK but at 180 days from your GF stay, since check in day at AK is checkout day at GF

should being the operative word, since we all know how glitchy Dis IT is.

oh yes…totally get that!

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Are you a DVC Member or renting points?

If you’re a member, you can phone Member Services and they can book your ADRs for both (or all) parts of your stay.

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We’re members.

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I made my ADRs this morning. Saturday wasn’t an option but made all the reservations from Mon thru Fri. Got most of what I wanted.

thanks and Friday was your checkout day for GF?

Did you phone MS to book for Saturday?

Yes. On the calendar, Sat was shaded so it recognized my second reservation, but I couldn’t select it.

but our theory that you can include checkout day on first reservation is true. Did you get what you wanted for your last day today?

You could always include check-out day on your ADRs. Otherwise no one could ever book an ADR on their check-out day, even if you only stayed at one resort.

ADR bookings haven’t changed. And, thanks to the eventual fix, neither have FPs.

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