ADRs in 2 groups for 10 people

We will have a group of 10 people on our next trip in January (1 hotel reservation with 4 people and 2 hotel reservations with 3 people each). My plan is to split all of my ADRs into 2 groups (6+4). All 10 of us are linked together in MDE on our Family & Friends List. In MDE it just shows up as the people in my room as Planning together, is that correct?

I am planning on making all of the ADRs, can I book both groups using my MDE account as long as I list separate people on each reservation (with me as the lead on one of the groups and then someone from one of the other rooms as the lead on the other group)? Or does the lead on the second group need to be logged into their MDE account to make the reservation for that group? I have read some conflicting answers on this so just looking for clarification.

Another question is if we decide to cancel one of the ADRs (for example, only 6 people want to go), does it matter which people go as long as the lead goes or does it have to be the people selected when making the ADR?

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Depending on the restaurant, you may need to split into 3 groups.

The ADRs I am looking to get are: Chef Mickey’s, Space 220, T-Rex, Sci-Fi, and Biergarten(I am guessing I will be able to get all 10 of us together here).

The tables at Biergarten seat 8.

You will need to use 2 MDE accounts since one person can’t hold 2 ADRs within a specific time range. This could have changed since I last made ADRs in the spring. Perhaps someone else know if you can use your MDE but list someone else as lead for reservation.

You do not need to assign who is on the reservation.

No, it doesn’t matter who goes. The person holding the reservation doesn’t need to be there. Attendees will just need to tell them who the reservation is under. It may be helpful for you to share the confirmation information with who is going or assign them in MDE at that time.

If you are completely dropping an ADR within 24 hours, your party may be able to explain at checkin and the CM will cancel the ADR with no penalty to you. Or, you do a bump and run. Convert to 1 person. Find a future time/date and then cancel.

If your whole party goes, you can also ask the CM if they can combine your reservations to be seated together.

Thanks for the info, I didn’t realize this!

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