ADRs for new restaurants

Does anyone have any Intel on when ADRs might open up for Skipper’s Cantina? I’m trying to remember how they did it with BOG. Did they take ADRs at all before it actually opened, or did they open first, then start taking ADRs? I have a vague recollection that it was the latter, but I honestly just don’t recall.


No ADRs will be available until an official opening date is announced. Many people are assuming that it will open at the same time LTT reopens, but I personally think it will be later. Front-of-the-house LTT renovations are reportedly just cosmetic - fresh paint, strip the floors, etc (the bulk of the work is in the kitchen). Skipper’s Cantina is a total rennovation involving some major construction, infrastructure work, and a complete inside make-over. My guess is that ADR availability will be announced at roughly the same time the official opening date is announced.