ADRs for Breakfasts?

Are ADRs super necessary for breakfast at park or resort restaurants?

We’re going to be at Disney from Dec 7 (arriving late evening) to Dec 17. We’re staying at the Swan - our first time semi-on-property. The first three days we’re planning to go to Universal, and at least one of those days, planning breakfast in the park. The rest of the time is Disney parks. We are planning to take things fairly easy. We have the 7 Day PH passes from ParkSavers - what an amazing deal! We aren’t really early risers by nature, and tend to stay up and out late at night. And no kids on this trip.

If we muster in time to eat in the morning, we will be looking for protein and caffeine, but none of the sweet or bready stuff like pastries. The S&D restaurants with buffets look amazing, as do some of the places around the Boardwalk area. Is it feasible to expect to be able to walk up and get a table most mornings at these places, and kind of live spontaneously? Or better to plan ahead, and cancel the night before if we decide we’d rather sleep in?

I would think that Captain’s Grill or Trattoria al Forno may have walk ups but my guess is that Cape May could be an issue for the BW area breakfasts.

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In the parks I’d say yes, but most of the quick service and boardwalk locations should be reasonably easy to walk up to.

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Whatever you do, I wouldn’t recommend canceling any ADRs the night before. The cancellation fees can really add up!

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I thought you are not charged a cancellation fee so long as you cancel before midnight the night before. Do I have that wrong?

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I thought it was 24 hours…like, the night before is too late for a breakfast res? I hope I am wrong!!

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In my opinion, it’s a waste of valuable park time when you’re rested, refreshed (and ready to walk) to have a sit-down breakfast, unless you’re up so early that you’re hours before park opening. I only book breakfast ADRs in parks and only if they are pre-park opening. Otherwise, we pack some quick breakfast items (granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, maybe beef jerky), and/or pick up some limited groceries from gift shop or get grocery delivery (depending on length of stay) to get yogurt, cheese and crackers, etc. We eat in room and as we walk to the bus :slight_smile:

Then we head straight for the bus to the park, and maybe get something to eat from a counter service place when we’ve gotten our first rides in and the crowds are starting to swell. You can get yogurt, muffins, waffles, coffee, etc., at any park. AK has some great cheese, cracker, and fruit packs at the kiosk in Harambe. You can investigate CS food options at the parks to see if there’s something that would work for you.

I’ve also occasionally booked an ADR for “brunch”, after we’ve gotten in some rides, and especially if we’re planning to head back to the room for swimming or nap shortly after. That’s late morning breakfast, and some of the buffet places will have a switch-over to lunch items if you book around 10:45 or so.

We will rarely hit the food court at the hotel on our way to the bus.

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As long as it’s cancelled by midnight the night before there is no charge. Most pre-paid events have to be cancelled 48 hours before to get a refund.

If you forget to cancel one just call and reschedule it out a few days, then cancel it later that day.