ADRs and Upgrading rooms

I am thinking of upgrading from Standard to Preferred rooms at Port Orleans Riverside. I assume I should call Disney. Yes I booked with Disney. Please tell me that they will not cancel my reservation and lose my Advanced Dining Reservations before rebooking my upgraded room.

They won't. Disney makes it very easy to upgrade! Just call.

Nope you won't loose anything I just did this recently. They are different systems

Room reservations are unconnected to dining reservations. smile

Your confirmation # won't even change. thumbsup

ADRs are completely independent of room reservations (remember, ANYONE can make an ADR at 180 days).

But if you cancel a package (including) dining, will that also cancel your reservations? I ask because I’m canceling with TA and booking straight from online (with a pin)

Nope. They are completely unconnected. However, if you are around the 180 + 10 mark I muggy wait a few days, as if you are staying off property you don’t get the extra 10 days of booking - you have to book each day’s ADR on subsequent days.