ADRs and Split Stay

We are staying at BLT with my parents for a week but will arrive a night early and staying in another hotel (thinking AOA as we will arrive around dinner time and don’t want to spent a lot to basically just sleep for one night). The reservations will all be under my name. When I book my ADRs, can I book at 180 days from my night at AOA through my entire trip or will I have to wait until the next day for the BLT reservation? Trying to get some tough ADRs and would like the extra day to book earlier! Thanks!

You will have to wait. You will be able to make your FPPs for your whole trip 60 days out from your first night, but ADRs are for each reservation.

I have a split stay booked for Feb. Both reservations are in my name. When I booked the second hotel, the CM said I had to book ADR’s separately because they were two separate reservations. When I went to book the ADR for the first reservation, the system wasn’t working so I called and the CM booked all the ADRs for the entire stay.

We had a split stay in April and I booked all ADR’s together at 180. You won’t have to wait!

All at 180? Did you call? I ask because every split stayvI have had including end of June I was told they were two different reservations that could not be linked.

One trick would be to book your first room for the length of your stay - with a RO reservation you make the same deposit either way. Make ADRs for your entire stay using that reservation, and then after you pass the 180 day for the last day you made ADRs for cancel the room days you do not need. You still keep your ADRs as they are associated with your MDE account and they are all within 180 days.

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Yes, I wished I had done that in June. I am confused about the mixed messages here. You should not be able to book your whole trip at 180 if it us a split trip, right?

I had 2 room only reservations. Tickets linked form Undercover Tourist. First stay 3 nights, second was five. On my 180 day I was able to book ADR’s for all days online. Did not need to call. Maybe it is different if you have a package instead of 2 room only reservations?

I booked my 1st hotel today. I will let you know in 20 days if I am able to book all at once! Worth a try.