ADR's and MSSHP next year... I know I know, its far away. LOL

Hey everyone… So I am just wondering how everyone works their ADRS, when planning on attending the MNSSHP. My Adr day is in march, and I belive the days for party dont come out till may. So choosing the day for the party/adrs/etc seems like its goign to be a pain the next. can anyone tell me what they did if they had the same situation? Thanks all!!!

I haven’t attended the parties, but here is what I do when I know I may need to change plans. I am an ADR hoarder. Disney forces us to make plans 180 days, so we must work around it. I overbook and then cancel as soon as I know for sure where we will eat. You can make ADR’s an hour apart. Look at previous years to see what nights the parties tend to fall on. You can easily book 3 ADR’s a night which will cover your change in park days- like 5, 6, and 7pm. Just remember to cancel all the extras before your trip. Good luck!

Don’t bother with ADRs on your party night - why waste valuable party time (that you paid extra for) for a sit-down meal? If you really want to do a TS on that day, make one for lunch, and then just grab a quick CS during the early hours of the party (I would actually do this during the 4:00 to 7:00 period before the party, as your tickets will get you in then)

@brklinck I plan on not having an Adr for that specific night, I guess what I’m trying to say is that… Until I know the date I plan on going to party… Do I just book Mulitple ADRs for my first choice places then cancel. That day I plan on a late lunch/early dinner or grab a cs meal that we can eat “on the go”. It just stinks that the dates don’t get released till after the ADR day. Did anyone use the predictions on here for this trip this year when making Adrs so far in advance?

The party dates are pretty predictable - just look at the days from the past few years. Also, when the TA calendar is released before the 180 day mark, look for the days when MK closes at 7:00 - those will be your party days.

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Thanks @brklinck makes sense now!! How far in advance do TA calendars come out?
Great info!!! Ty so much

The TA calendars usually come out a little more than 6 months before the month in question. See for more info on how Disney releases and updates park hours.

ok, one more question guys… are all days equally crowded or does the weekday one seem less?

It varies - check out for the predictions for this year’s party.

I would also say skip a sit down and grab a quick meal so you don’t waste any party time! We usually grab caseys on the way in or flatbreads at PH… I like your thinking ahead too :wink: I’m ready to go back to mnsshp already!!!

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