ADRs and Cancelled Cards

Hey everyone, I booked a number of ADRs (including full payment for CM breakfast) on a card that I needed to cancel because there were fraudulent charges on my card. I was issued a new card and now I’m nervous that Disney is going to run the original card, receive a decline (as should happen) and cancel my reservations. Has anyone had any similar experiences?
Thanks in advance for all of your help!

I would simply call them and explain the situation. They should be able to change the card number.

If you have PIF for these reservations, then the card has already been run. If you have not, the card is simply on file to charge a no-show fee and it should not be an issue if the card on file is cancelled provided you arrive for the reservation. You can provide payment at the time of the reservation in that case.

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Since that is the card linked to your MDE profile you can always go into your profile and edit your profile. That will change the card that is charged. It will allow you to do online checkin too.


I had the same thing happen on our last trip. It’s no problem. I wouldn’t even worry about it. The reservation is made. The next time they’d attempt to charge that card would be if you ghosted a reservation. You won’t be able to make additional reservations or change current ones with that card if it’s the one linked to your MDE profile.