ADRs: 180+10?

Hi, I need some clarification. I asked in the wrong place before, & I’m not sure I understand correctly. If I’m taking a 5 night trip to WDW, do I get to start making ADRs 180 or 185 days before arrival? And also, at what time do I make reservations?

You can make 5 days worth of ADRs all at once in day 180. So if you are going to be there Monday through Friday, then you can sit down in the day that is 180 days before the Monday and have access to all the days of your trip.

let me know if that doesn’t make sense and I’ll think of another way to say it. :wink:

Makes sense. Thanks!

I saw on another thread someone was asking whether it was important to make ADRs at 6:00 as opposed to 9:00. Maybe I’m confusing with Fastpass+ reservations, but I thought the clock started at midnight. Do I need to start at 6pm?

ADRs are at 6am online, 7am on the phone. FPP is at midnight.

Just a quick clarification. The 180+10 is if you are staying on site. If you are staying off site they is no +10 - you have to make each day’s reservation on subsequent days.