ADR with more people

I am trying to change ADRs to a different day then what I orginally thought but can not get them for 5 people but only 4. One of these people is my tiny dd2 who can sit in a high chair or not take up much space in a booth next 2 my other kids. Is this a problem or do I need to keep looking for the correct number of people? Also would Sci-fi or Hollywood & vine be the better option if trying to bring the extra person?

You need to include your daughter. Try looking for a 6 instead if 5 as its the same size table. Turning up with 4 instead of 3 is ok but not 5 instead of 4 . A high chair takes up space and they need to account for it.

I’ve shown up at places with more people than on the ADR, including CG and BOG, with no issue. But, there are no guarantees. Keep trying for the bigger adr, maybe even call. If you still don’t get anything, show a little early, but be ready with a backup plan just incase.

While I cannot speak for Disney restaurants, as a former restaurant manager high chairs can pose a problem at some tables since they can become a hazard in case of an emergency. I would keep trying to get the correct number for your reservation to avoid any potential issues.