ADR timing

My ADR day is fast approaching, and I know I’ve seen this come up many times, but for whatever reason it’s never stuck in my brain, so could someone please clarify?

Can you make reservations for the first 10 days or is it check-in PLUS 10 days, so the first 11?

I’m putting together my list of what to try to reserve in order of importance, and it would be affected by that 11th day.

And then it’s only 1 day at a time after that, correct?

180 from day of check in +10

Yes. You are correct. It is essentially the first 11 days.We just did ours recently. Our check-in was the 5th, and we were able to book through the 15th. We couldn’t book the 16th until the following day.

Perfect, thank you so much! That saves me 1 more day of being up at 6am. Our trip is 15 days, so I’ll be doing it allllll week ;( But for disney, anything! lol

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