ADR timing cheating

In an unusual development, I’m now ultra micromanaging my plan and I have a few ADRs that are not timed perfectly to my satisfaction.

Do we have real world experience on how far you can push your luck and get away with it? Also, is online check-in still being used?

For example, if I have a 6.10pm ADR and I wish it was 6.30pm, can I check-in on my way to the restaurant (how close do I have to be?) at say 6.20pm and arrive at 6.30pm just in time for them to call my name?


Generally speaking there’s a 15 minute or so grace period. the advice in the past has been checkin 15 minutes prior, but typically your reserved time would be saved until about 15 minutes after before they fill it. I’ve been 10 minutes late or so before with no problem but that could just be luck.


I would check in right at or after your time through the app. Generally you should have a 15-20 minute grace period. I’m sure if you just stalk reservations you’ll eventually find the time you want.


I was 10 minutes late for dinner at Le Cellier this week and it wasn’t an issue. That had online check in. Space 220 did not.

We were rushing from the train at UOR to Mythos and got this text:


Online check-in says it’s available, but it’s not at Steakhouse 71 or Skipper Canteen or California Grill or Ale & Compass or Jaleo. I have stories. I’m working on my trip report, though, and it’s getting long.


My real world experience is 4 months old, being from the last week of June.

We had 7 supper ADRs and 3 breakfast ADRs.

For the supper ADRs we were often late. Two were probably within the 15 minutes late grace time.

One - our first night’s supper at Coral Reef - we were 90 minutes late. CMs were very friendly. They worked us into the rotation. We were seated within 15 minutes.

Second night’s supper at Ale & Compass we were 20 to 30 minutes late. Again, worked us in within a short time.

Next night was Rose & Crown. We were there on the dot tho the teens in our party were held up in France for some reason. Check in CMs said no problem, just let us know when they get here. We joined the fun party beside R&C in the outdoor seating area where we cracked cane jokes.

We were on time - maybe 5 minutes before time - at Tiffins the next night where we had the longest wait time to be seated.

Checked in right on time with Tony’s Town Square the next night. Fyi to whomever it helps, 4 pm ADR will likely make you miss much of the 5 pm Flag Retreat. Unless maybe you rush. But we didn’t dawdle.

Completely forgot about our ADR for Friday night. The charge showed up on the credit card the next day.

Last night was Turf Club at Saratoga Springs where we again were slightly outside the grace time but had friendly and accommodating CMs.

I did have difficulties with modifying an ADR and routinely had trouble getting thru on the phone line. I think this is why the cast members are happy to seat you when you show.

I think our breakfast arrivals were close to at least the 15 minute grace time if not earlier.

As for remote check in - practically had to be at the door of the restaurant to check in. We were at the Epcot bus stop and could not check in to Coral Reef. Guess all the water blocked the signal.


That’s terrific intel. Thanks.

I’ve only ever been early before. And that’s never been a problem.


Same, historically.

Super hot this trip and getting older - took awhile to get used to how much time to allow, walking more slowly.

First day delay was due to waiting on luggage and grocery order deliveries to resort, mostly.

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My experience for checking in with MDE is that you can do so 15 minutes before or after on the dot. Anything outside of that you’ll have to talk to the CM at the host stand, but as noted by others above, they seem to try to be accommodating. I have been able to check into restaurants when I’m roughly in the same land. I could check into Ohana from the bus pulling through the gate to Poly.



Must have been the tank of water at Coral Reef. :thinking:

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I think the Epcot bus stop is further from Coral Reef than the Poly gate is from Ohana. Or at least wherever I was in that vicinity when I checked in.


Poly gate is on the monorail side of the Great Ceremonial House? if I’m recalling correctly? (Name and location). Restaurant is on the opposite side of the building?

I don’t think the MDE maps have or are to scale? If you’re walking along Epcot bus stops 1 - 3 toward the entrance, you’re walking toward The Living Seas and Coral Reef. There’s an unknown distance tho. I suspect the distance is not more than what’s needed for planting screening.

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I don’t think I was all the way back at the gate. I was definitely through the gate. I don’t remember how close to the ceremonial house I was.

Also the geolocation is based on GPS so they might know whether you’re inside the park, not just close to the building.


Yep. We have checked into Chef Mickey while riding the monorail from MK to CR.


I would caution against checking in more than 15 minutes late at Sci Fi. When we were thwre in July my DD chose sitting next to the hostess stand to waiting for our table over sitting in the AC because she was so entertained by the hostesses refusing to sit people who arrived more than 15- 20 people late. They were given the optuon of the picnic tables in the back, that was it.

I think this is because of how they seat the cars.

Tony’s took me 20 mins late no problem.


Disappointing, but good intel. Thanks.

If you happen past there earlier, you could ask them to note you may be late. Worth a try?