ADR Suggestions

Our ADR window opens tomorrow. What are your recommendations? We definitely want to try BOG and Napoli. I would like some after park reservations at resorts since parks are closing so early. I see some are booking reservations right when park closes. Are those hard to get? Thank you!

BOG dinner is good, expensive, and about the only decent service dining in MK right now. Taking a closing reservation is the smartest step, because it takes a good 90 minutes, and on short park hours, thats alot of park time. Some people like Liberty tree. I haven’t eaten there in a few years, so couldn’t say either way. We dislike Tony’s, some people love it.

Via Napoli and Garden Grille at Epcot are good.

Chef Art Smith (Disney Spring) and California Grille (Contemporary) are probably the two most difficult reservations to get, that are also good food options.

Breakfast at Topolina’s is also difficult to get. The only character breakfast, at the moment.

Breakfast at the Wave (contemporary) is always a good option.

Largely, Disney Springs is the current best dinner options of what is currently open, and good food.

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See here for our experience doing the late BOG reservation a little over a month ago. Glad we did it, but the next time around we ditched BOG for a late-ish ADR at Liberty Tree Tavern and had a better overall experience. I would also check out Ale and Compass for breakfast - it’s on my bucket list. Biergarten is always a favorite for us. We also really enjoyed the Burgers and Sundaes at Restaurantosaurus and Tiffins in AK, and Sana’a and Jiko in AKL (if Jiko is open).

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