ADR success

Today was my ADR day and I just finished making 9 reservations. I was successful with 8 of 9 on my list so thought I would share in case it helps others.

1 - California Grill
2 - Narcoosee’s
3 - Oga’s Cantina
4 - Hollywood Brown Derby
5 - Le Cellier
6 - Yak & Yeti
7 - La Hacienda San Angel was not available so reserved Tutto Italia
8 - The Wave
9 - Grand Floridian Cafe

I reserved these in order of how hard I thought they would be to confirm, not the order of the trip. I originally had La Hacienda at the 4 spot but moved down. Should have stayed at 4. I’ve set a reservation finder so hoping a time becomes available. Also, I was online at 6:00am and would have finished in 15 minutes except for exploring La Hacienda alternatives. Definitely have a 2nd choice ready for each day in case.


Great list! Congrats!

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My ADR day was today. I was not able to get:
The Wave
Rose and Crown
Trattoria al Forno
The Plaza
These were all for 7 people.
I could not get Coral Reef for 4 people
I was able to get:
Chef Mickey’s
Be Our Guest
Spice Road Table
Ale and Compass for breakfast
50’s Prime Time
I was up at 3 a.m. Pacific time for 6ca.m. eastern.


Wow, that’s a lot you couldn’t get!

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I was also not able to get Rose and Crown today but that was the only one. I got:

  1. Topolinos
  2. Sanna
  3. Whispering Canyon
  4. Sci Fy Drive In
  5. Jungle Skipper
  6. The Wave
  7. Brown Derby
  8. Olgas
  9. Kona Grill
  10. Biergarten (replacement for Rose and Crown)

These were in order that I got them not the order of my trip. Right after I finished around 6:25am EST the system was down and I am not sure when it came back up.


You couldn’t get the Wave?

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I had 2 mornings that would have worked for breakfast. One morning had nothing, the other had times that were either earlier than we could get there if we were depending on a MK bus and then walking over or too late for us to get to EPCOT for rope drop.
I may try to book a group of 4 and then a group of 3, but I was going to keep trying for 7.

It went down when I was still searching, too.

I just now got Trattoria for 3 on a day where the guys are going to HS. I booked the Wave for the 4 girls going to EPCOT that morning. Bus to MK, walk to Contemporary, then bus to EPCOT unless the monorail is running by then.

Is it still possible to book ADRs through a CM, on the phone?

Sadly I haven’t been able to get any I wanted. I have a split stay between 4 resorts with 2 days at each so I am only getting a head start of one day.
Last year I did a split stay and it opened up the entire week on the first day, but the help line informed me that’s not the way it works. Must have been a fluke in my favor last year.

Could you please tell me what Reservation Finder you used? Thank you

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