ADR Sniper usefulness

I am two weeks away from arrival in the World. Is using the ADR Sniper tool a good idea this late in the game? Or should I just continue to check the WDW Dining site when I can? I’m searching for a pre-RD CP breakfast, if that influences your answer! Thanks!

I think with a service like that it’s totally luck of the draw. Obviously with it being closer to your trip they won’t have as long to search, but we’ve been seeing some good reports of getting ADR’s with their service lately. Sometimes even within a day or two. I think it really comes down to whether or not you feel like the $10 would be worth the possibility of getting your reservation. Also keep in mind that a lot able to score ADR’s in the days leading up as people cancel to avoid the fees. Good luck I hope get it whichever way you decide to go!

I’ve never used the ADR Sniper tool but wanted to say that on our August 2014 trip, I got a pre-RD CP breakfast during the trip for the next day. Keep checking and you might get lucky!

Is there a link for this?

I would love the link as well :slight_smile:

You can find infomormation at


I used it yesterday to snag a reservation I’ve been trying to get…it even showed me a cancellation at Cinderella’s Royal Table! Unfortunately - I missed the notification and when I checked it was already snagged! Our trip starts 12/2 - just for reference…


Does this work for the ttdp as well?

I think reservation openings are happening all the time, but so quickly we often never see them.
I tried ADR sniper a couple of weeks back for a 1900PF ADR change this upcoming week - we had a 5:45 dinner set up, but wanted to move it back to 4:30 so we would have a chance to get back before the Christmas party started and do some end of trip shopping.

Watched for ADRs on my own for weeks and nothing popped up - bit the bullet and set up an ADR sniper and over the course of the week got about a dozen possible ADRs for that night, but all later in the evening. Then, on the 6th day into things got a hit for a 4:40PM ADR, ran back to my desk and got it withing 5 minutes.

The $10 spent was worth it - better than my refreshing the search eleventy-three times an hour.

BTW, We are thinking of dropping an 8:15AM CP ADR for this upcoming Thursday (11/13). We booked it before EMH were added, but now don’t want to burn the extra hour sitting in the restaurant. (Sad though, wife was looking forward to Pooh and friends.) If that happens to fit with you can let you know when I can drop it in sync! Traveling to FL for a pre-WDW family visit now.

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Thanks for the helpful info, JJT! I decided that the $10 was worth clearing one thing off continuously running mental loop. I am hopeful it will pay off. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the CP offer. If you were going a week later - I’d take you up on it. Unfortunately…

Enjoy your trip!