ADR Sniper or early wake up

Planning my family’s first trip to WDW and am wondering if I should wake up at 4am (MST) to make my ADR’s, or if I should sleep in and rely on the ADR Sniper tool to secure my reservations. Would like the popular restaurants, BOG 8am, CDR 6pm, Ohana’s, CP 8am, etc.
This is my first post as I’ve enjoyed reading for a while now.

Personally, I would wake up early, especially if you have popular restaurants and specific times in mind. After that, if there are ADRs you’re unable to get, you can use ADR Sniper to try to snag them.

Edit: Looking at your post more closely, I reaffirm my vote for waking up early. The restaurants you listed are among the most popular on property. I’m also guessing that 8 AM CP is a pre-RD reservation. Those go quick.

I would wake up early for those, but I am an East Coaster so it isn’t as early. It really comes down to how much weight you put on your ADR’s making your vacation a success. if you are more willing to be flexible with them, you could wait and take your chances. If it is very important for your to have those exact times, then I would definitely suggest bookmarking the pages the night before and setting the alarm.

Thanks for the input!
There are a couple pre-RD times that I would ideally like. Guess I have to bite the bullet and set the alarm for about 3:50. Not looking forward to it, but will be ecstatic if I get my times.

I always have as much fun with the anticipation of getting those ADR’s as I do for the actual trip. When you wake up and get them first thing in the morning, you are sure to have a great day that day!


I live in WA so feel your pain on getting up in the middle of the night for ADR’s, but it is necessary for those popular restaurants. Just go back to sleep when you are done, if you can.

I would definitely get up early. You have to pay for the sniper to search for tables. Be aware though that MDE has been super glitchy and a lot of people reported over the last few weeks (including myself) that there are problems making ADR’s 180+ length of trip online. I was up and ready at 5am (cst) and could only make ADR’s for the 180 day. the other dates were opened up for me and I could search times but it wouldn’t let me book anything. so even though I was up early, I still had to call at 7am est. but I did get what I wanted. good luck.

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