ADR Sniper...does it work?

Has anyone used ADR sniper? Reviews? Trying to decide if it’s worth the cost. There are 2 ADR that I’m looking for.


I used fetch on ktp’s site. It worked well for me. No experience with that other one

I visited fetch once at KTP, but I just tried looking for it and can’t find it anymore. Do you have a direct link?

you have to pay a fee and sign in…but it looks to be way cheaper than sniper

Any idea what KTP charges for Fetch? I don’t see the cost, it just wants me to sign up. Not sure if it’s worth it for the 1 ADR I’m stalking. Plus, stalking an ADR gives me something to do for the next 49 days. LOL

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I think it was 5 or 6 dollars for a year

I have used Fetch & do like it but noticed as of yesterday that I can’t specify a time…just lunch or dinner. Prior to that I could specify a time with a 2-hour window. I didn’t pay a fee up front, only when a ressie came up & I booked then I sent him a small fee for using it. ADR Sniper is expensive…$10 per search up front so I guess I’ll stick with Fetch & be patient. Thanks!

Thanks for the link! I always have a hard time finding it too.

Oh, I see that change now. That stinks. Picking a time was more convenient

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Thanks for the info. I don’t mind paying KTP a few bucks…he gives me so much free info that I feel like I owe him! LOL