ADR reservation and a no-show email

I made an ADR last night and it does show on my MDE plans, but I never got a confirmation email. I thought this was really weird, because I’ve always gotten the email and in fact, have gotten other emails for this trip, too.

Should I be worried? No, not in my spam.

Sometimes it lags a bit. If it shows in MDE you’re good

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Thanks. It’s been a day since I made the ADR, but maybe I’ll do a screenshot for good measure.

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I had this happen when I changed my room reservation. I waited a week for a confirmation email, but it never came. I was paranoid even though I could see it in MDE, so I called Disney and they sent another email (and probably thought I was neurotic, but hey… now I have the paperwork to ease my mind!lol). If it helps the guy on the phone said if its in MDE it should be fine–that means it’s in the system!


Thanks. As long as it doesn’t disappear.

i have experienced several situations where new reservations and/or modifications appear in MDE but confirmation emails never arrive. It turns out that calling MDE Tech Support to get things corrected was much faster than trying to go back through the Reservations line.

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I cancelled a resort reservations and didn’t get the email! I only get about 50% of them. But the MDE updates so I go with that but screen shot my MDE every now and then.

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I’ve got my screen shot and I’ve put my res number into my plan, so I should have it. I just like to see the emails, too.