ADR Question for Liners

Hi everyone! My ADR day is fast approaching and I am stressing out about the fact that I have no idea what February is going to bring with SWGE and special ticketing events (hopefully).

I planned the days that I intend to go to every park - but I feel that will be completely thrown out the window by February.

ADRs can be cancelled without penalty correct? Does this include things like desert parties? Can they be cancelled?

Thanks for all of your help. You are a truly great community.

Yes they can. Normal ADRs by midnight the night before, I think some dessert parties have longer cancellation periods, like 2 or 5 days before.


Thanks missoverexcited!

I am glad to hear that - booking so far in advance is worrysome!

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My HEA dessert party for Oct has a 5 day cancellation policy, but they do charge you upfront for the dessert parties. They do not charge you upfront for a regular dining reservation.

Thanks @kittyg29

5 days still works - If I don’t know what part I am going to 5 days in advance - shame on me.


I ended up changing around my park days based on the ADRs I was able to get. I really didn’t know what I was doing, though. It might be worth sketching out a plan B, or at least making notes if there are days you DON’T want to be in a particular park.

Desert parties must be canceled 5 days in advance

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You can make multiple ADRs at different restaurants as long as they are 1 hour apart. Just don’t forget to cancel (24 hours in advance) the ones you ultimately decide not to use.

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Great advice @linsalt