ADR procedures

I’m sure this has been covered before; however I’m not seeing it…

Could someone please remind me the time ADR’s open up? 6am Eastern time, correct?
I’m in Texas… so that’s 5am my time (Central)…

I plan to have my laptop and the app on my phone fired up… along with my preferred list of dates/times/restaurants.

Any other tips? Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::yum:

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Yes 6am Eastern. Good luck!

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Thanks! …and I’m “MissOverExcitedToo” :rofl: love it! :grin:

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Have alternate dates and restaurants in mind as back ups. Assuming you are staying on property, start with your hardest to get ADRs and work from the last day forward.
I was doing ADRs for 7 and had a very difficult time getting what I wanted. It took me about 10 days of checking back to more or less get my desired ADRs.
Good luck.


oh wow - ok!
Did you log on exactly at 6am? I wonder if that time is published to those not “in the know”?
I think maybe I read this morning that people were having having trouble until 6:30am - it sounded like maybe the system was down.
Yes - I’m going to try my Christmas Day dinner first, then Christmas Eve… then everything else…
Glad to know you got at least some of what you sort of wanted?

thank you!

I was on the site at 6 a.m. Eastern, 3 a.m. my time. It was working. I got Be Our Guest which was on 60+8. I got Chef Mickey’s on 60+4, I was able to get Biergarten, Spice Road Table, Tony’s Town Square. It took me over a week to get H&V, I had to split our group to get HBD after several days. So far I have The Plaza for only 4 out of 7 of us. On my ADR day I could not get The Plaza on 60+ 3, + 7 or 60+9.

At about 6:30, the site went down.

We’re departing Disney on 20 December. Split stay. So my experience is not helpful likely since you’re interested in Christmas day particularly.

I had overthought dinners because most of our favorite restaurants are closed. Finally decided on Kona for our arrival supper. I didn’t get on line until about 8 am central time and 5 pm was still available.

As we’re at AK on Friday, I decided to do any Yak and Yeti available when our next ADR window opened. But I completely forgot yesterday that it was ADR day. I didn’t recall at all until just now reading your post. A quick search shows that I’m now going to be doing the reservation search for that Yak and Yeti meal any time on Friday 18 December. :smile:

So definitely log on by 5 am our time!


I did mine recently, was logged in right at 5 am CST (6 am EST) and was able to start right away. I had 6 ADRs to make and only got 3 of what I actually wanted. Luckily I had a list in order, and a backup time or backup place (sometimes I had 2 backups) right under each ADR in case that one was not available. I was glad I did that because I ended up with a different plan but I think it’s actually (somehow!?) better than my original plan. For example, I wanted Liberty Tree tavern for dinner but none were available. I looked down on my list and I had written Be Our Guest 6:50, so I searched. Nothing available. Then I looked at my lists second backup (California Grill) and there was a 8:55 available, so I grabbed it. Had I not had backups and times written down I may have just starred blankly at the screen trying to think of a restaurant near by and wasted time. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Me too :frowning: Specifically forgot that all ADRs open for the days booked on the first day of your trip. (so much has changed I assumed that had changed too) Was looking for Y&Y for Sat or Sun, Dec. 19 or 20. Anyway off to the Finder!!


We’re a group of 4 - no availability.
Before I went to the reservation finder I checked for parties of two.
I did find two different times for parties of 2. So we have reservations for all of us. Pretty sure we’ll be a able to get the two closer together in the next two months.

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The Finder hit me up this morning. Grabbed a Saturday late afternoon ADR for Y&Y. Was hoping for Sunday, but no complaints here.

Hoping it works out for everyone!!

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Reservation finder has been successful in the past in locating times - when I’m unable to snag that reservation. Which is totally a difficulty on my part. :grin:

If we’re not successful in moving the times we have closer together, I’ll try reservation finder again. Maybe I’ll get a notification when I’m not heading into a dead zone. With no shoulder to pull off on.


Gah! Tomorrow morning is my morning for ADR’s!! It’s silly - but I’m so nervous! I’m scared to death that I won’t wake up - I set two alarms. :rofl:

I’m sure I’ve lost my mind planning a trip over Christmas Day… but I already know wait times will be long… so I guess I’ll just accept it and hope I get some good dinner reservations!

Wish me luck!! And good luck to you all! :two_hearts:

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I didn’t start looking for November until about 6 weeks out. Within 7-10 days I found everything I wanted just by checking several times per day. Of course a party of 2 is easier than a bigger party, but just keep looking! Also it seemed that today some later times were coming open to reflect the later hours at some parks.


Yes, I was able to get some later ADRs today for my late November trip - including a much coveted Y&Y dinner.


Anyone having any luck this morning making ADR’s? I’ve been trying since 6am (Eastern) and system appears to still be down :frowning: