ADR order Oct trip

Does this order sound reasonable for ADR? Would you do it on a different order? These are in order of hardest to get, I believe. Logging on at 6am will not be a problem.

Ohana (priority)
Tusker house (priority)
Beaches and cream
Cape may
50s/Mama Melroses
Yak & yeti
Chef Art smith (priority)

I think I may move Beaches and Cream up to second since it is so small.


Crap. I forgot Le Cellier! Where should that go?

I reordered them:

Tusker house
Chef art
Beaches and cream
Le Cellier
Cape May
Yak & yeti
50/Mama Melroses

Does this look better? B&C is not top priority. We are staying at BC though so I have my option of a few different lunch days to pick from.

I do not think Homecoming is hard to get. It also sometimes does not release all ADRs right away. Actually, I think ‘Ohana is the only ADR that may be challenging to get.

I hope at 6am 180 days I will have my pick of Ohana choices. You’d think after having done this a few times in the past it wouldn’t bother me…but it still does. ADRs bother me way more than FPP day!

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Are any of them pre rope drop?

None of them. I struggle with my 2 to make rope drop on time! I am going to force them to a 7:45 EMM this trip though! Looking forward to MNSSHP.

Then I agree with above Ohana first, but I think you’ll be fine getting all of them.

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Be prepared to be flexible about your time for Ohana. We booked it for the last night of our 7 night stay right at the 180 day mark (or at least our travel agent did) and our only dinner choices for a party of 4 were for 4:15 and after 8:00. We took the 4:15 and have the reservation finder searching for a slightly later time. Good luck!

Thanks for the reminder @paulasc
Not only do I have a flexible hour, I have 2 possible days on a 9 night trip. That should help a lot!

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Because beaches and Cream is small, ressies are fewer. Ohana could be tough.


I had no problem getting a 10am Tusker House only like 80 or 90 days out.

I’m thinking of cutting Beaches and Cream… or at least I will book and take the next 180+ days to think about cancelling.


This ^^^^^^^

I couldn’t miss B & C. I usually have 2 or 3 reservations over 2 weeks, keep a couple. One as a break for late lunch or just ice cream, one as a evening option.

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If you’re contemplating it, I would book at 180 days because it’s a hard one to get. And if you’re staying at BC, it’s so convenient if you have a resort day or early evening.

But to be honest, we didn’t enjoy it that much. But it’s cute and you’re already at BC.

I’m looking at the menu and just ehhhh about it… but I am going to book a few and ponder.

Everyone says ample hills ice cream is better…

Agree. I booked a few so we’d have options while at the hotel, but we ended up eating there only once on the first day. Also, I saw a lot of availability the night before, so check if you think you’ll be there the next day.

Ample Hills ice cream is so much better. And so many more flavors to choose from.

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Actually I could not get Ohana 180 days in advance only availability for dinner was 8:35PM or 9:35PM for October 14th. Ohana was my 180 day mark. I booked BOG first for my 181 day then tried for Ohana…it was gone…Probably by 6:05 Am. Just FYI.

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I think it depends on the time of year. I booked ‘Ohana, one day at a time, at day 180 for President’s week and was able to find between 5-6 any night.

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