ADR Oddities on my 60+10 day

Today was my ADR 60+ 10 day. I got pretty much everything I wanted minus a few odd things.

  1. Kona Cafe had 0 open reservations on June 9th. I had no issues for June 4th but June 9th had nothing. Something is going on with this.

  2. Space 220 is impossible unless it is 69-70 days out.

  3. Why does Jungle Skipper Canteen close at 6pm? I am assuming this may change once hours get increased. It wasn’t like this when we went in May of 2021 and that was with much more limited capacity. Here is the odd thing. Any date that is 60 days out and under the closing time is 9pm but any date that is more than 60 is 6pm. So much for that “on-site” advantage.

Also here is a tip if you have never done this before. DO NOT try to do multiple reservations at the same time. This can be tempting to try since there are so many screens to click through but if you try to jump back and forth between tabs to do multiple ADRs at a time its too much for Disney IT and you will get an error and have to start all over.


We were booking this morning as well and found that many park restaurants had a last seating around 6pm during the week. Is that unusual?

I noticed something like this when I was booking Be Our Guest for our trip in May. There was nothing on Sunday May 29th for that restaurant, although it was available the day before as well as the day after. This persisted for 2-3 days, and then, finally, it showed plenty of availability. I imagine it’s some kind of glitch–long story short, keep checking back.

I also enjoy using I set all kinds of alerts just to see what shows up.

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I do it all the time from multiple devices.
Must have been an IT glitch this morning (shocker!)


Thanks for the tips.

Yes no surprise there. After I got the one error and it screwed up one ADR I was not inclined to keep trying that method and just did one at a time.

Well it is Tuesday…


And they opened up the resort discount for D+ subscribers today. Something like that is going to make Disney IT glitch something fierce.


Can you check on ohana availability (dinner)? My ADR day is tomorrow and this is what I am looking for first! Just wanting to know if anything will be available when I try tomorrow morning.

Forgot to mention For two people.

I had a similar issue with Boma late May/early June. I set a TP alert so that when they opened the times I could jump on them! Had no issue booking 15 people in 3 different reservations when they did open. I LOVE that reservation finder!!!

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This might be too late but Ohana had availability. Still no Kona availability for any meal on Thursday Jun 9.

I’m currently getting no availability shown at all for Skipper Canteen on June 15. Weird.

For the date I am looking at (June 5), in the app it says it closes at 9pm but on the website it says it closes at 6pm. Odd. I’m chalking this up to Disney IT.

An update to Kona Cafe. It eventually opened up a few weeks after the 60 day mark. It was odd because there was nothing available for Breakfast lunch or dinner. But it was just that one particular day I was looking for. All other days on either side of that day was fine. Weird

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I saw the same thing once for BOG–all kinds of availability except the one day I needed. It eventually came back. Just strange and glitchy.

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