ADR list

So I have 48 hours until my ADR day! staying 10 nights in july/ august
We are on the dining plan so this is my booking list so far.
California grill brunch
Arkhuus breakfast
Sanaa dinner
sci fi dinner
tusker house ROL package
House of blue brunch ( this is one i am not 100% sure about, hubby and daughter like gospel music but I am concerned will take up quite a lot of the day)
BOG QS breakfast
Tepaan Edo dinner
Ohana dinner
Tratoria al forno breakfast.

QS plans include wofgang puck express, sunshine seasons, santuli canteen,

we are doing a day at NASA hence why we can do a 2 credit meal at cali grill

This is a pretty good list. We will be there at the same time (7/25 - 8/1). We did not have a good experience with the Sci-Fi Dinner. The service was very inattentive, The food was not all that amazing, and I did not like being seated in a car, with my kids seated behind me looking at a movie screen. I like to see the people I am eating with. I know some people really enjoy this restaurant but it wasn’t my cup of tea. We much prefer Hollywood Brown Derby or 50’s Prime Time to that. Love Teppan Edo, Tusker House (that buffet is awesome), and the view from California Grill is incredible (see if you can get a window t able). Akershus is great for the characters and the food is good. Just be aware that this place is a madhouse with people trying to crash it without an ADR. As long as you have one, you should be fine!

I love your list! I have not done the House of Blues brunch but I loved the Raglan Road brunch!

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just realised that gospel brunch is not included on the dining plan, so that is out. so need to find somewhere else. so either a lunch or brunch/ breakfast. We were planning on heading towards AK later that day. TS credit needed, wondered re boma, or whispering canyon or trails end? we have a car adn will be coming from OKW

As I said in my earlier post- Raglan Road brunch was amazing. If you are looking for a buffet then Boma or maybe a Tuskegee House RoL package?