ADR Lead Time / How far in advance?

Does anyone know if an updated version of the chart on this blog page is available??

The books have one each year. It now varies on free dining. If there is something you really want then 180 days is best. Bog Crt and Ohanas are priority adrs. then CM and other character meals… At 180 days everything was available for me because there s no free dining when I am going. I am booking 1 day at a time offsite. Whrn free dining is on I cant get Bog or CRT at 180 days as onsite book length of stay. I set up a MDE account to track available adrs prior to my stay to see what was coming up not available at 180. Some signatures like V&A plus lunch with imagineer sell out at 180 and you need to phone for them.
Other 180 priorities are desert party BBB pirate and pals plus other special event dinners.
Hope this helps

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Thanks. We have the 2016 book but can’t find it in there. Thanks for your tips though. Today is our ADR 180 days milestone and we’ve managed to get all our ADRs so far so I needn’t have worried too much about prioritising them!!

Glad you got everything we will be there next April also and I’ve got everything we wanted also. Didn’t buy this years book just assumed it was still in there. No free dining for US makes such a difference when booking.