ADR Issue/Question

We check in on October 31 (60 days from today). It’s a split stay starting off at POP for two days. I wanted to make an ADR for November 1. So, I logged into the WDW website this morning at 6:00 am EDT (4:00 am locally), but the calendar would not move to November at all. I double checked that I am 60 days out. I refreshed the page, but it still wouldn’t go to November. The last date available to select was October 31.

So, I thought I’d try the WDW app instead. There I was able to access November and make my reservation.

When the next portion of our stay is 60 days out, I would much rather use the website, as I find it easier to use. (The big screen helps me that early in the morning.) Can I still use the website, or have they made a change so that you can’t access 60 days out on it anymore? Maybe it was just a glitch on the site.

I just tried it again at 6:25 am EDT, and November 1 is still not showing up on the website.

I have found that these glitches change day by day. There have also been reports recently that if you call often they have been booking over the phone for the second part of split stays. The reports say that dining has transferred their call to “guest services”.


On our first onsite trip I could only use the website to book, ever since then I can only use the app.

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