ADR help - what to cancel or pay OOP?

Help, I have too many good reservations! We are on the DDP staying 8 nights. I had my plans set, and then my adorable 7 year old (who doesn’t know we are going yet) told us that all he wants to do is go back to Disney and eat breakfast with Chef Mickey. And THEN, they released the Snow White dinner at Artist Point. So now I have 10 credits booked. My husband wants me to cancel 2 credits, but I really want to keep them all. My thought is to pay OOP for HDDR. It’s worth noting we are going over President’s week due to school break so I would love to cancel Tusker and H&V, but worry we will need the VIP tickets to see the shows. Kids are 7 y/o boy and 2 & 5 y/o girls. Here’s my current plan - thoughts? What should I pay OOP or cancel? CRT is non-negotiable for the girls.

Arrival day - Ohana dinner (we are staying at Poly)
MK day - BOG lunch (QS)
AK day - Tusker House (ROL package)
EP day - Artist Point dinner
MK day - Chef Mickey’s breakfast, HDDR dinner
HS day - Hollywood & Vine lunch (Fantasmic package)
EP day - Bon Voyage Breakfast
MK day - CRT lunch

I’ve been listening to a lot of Disney podcasts as we prepare for our first WDW trip, and I’ve heard a lot of negative commentary on Artist Point food quality. Dunno if the menu is getting redone w/ the new character experience or not, or if you care more about the characters than the food, but you might want to research that more.

If you really want to keep them all, have you considered pulling up the menus for each venue and mapping out your likely food and drink choices? I put together a quick spreadsheet when trying to decide if we would do DDP or not to help me figure out which meals I should use credits and which meals I should pay OOP. will tell you which to pay oop I think (I’m not sure if it can include HDDR but I think it can). I’m also not sure it will have the Snow White meal yet actually.


This is a good idea, I’ll have to sit down and go through them. Thank you!

Oh wow that is so cool, I had no idea it existed - thank you! I have to look at it closer though, for some reason it is telling me to pay for two 1 credit meals OOP, but the combined cost is more than one of the 2 credit meals. Maybe it’s the tax/tip that would put it over the top.

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I’ve never used it myself but maybe someone else will see this who knows more about it. Tax and tip sounds plausible to me though.

Those are some awesome ADRs! Are you on the regular or deluxe DP? If you are planning 8TS and 8 QS then I think you are up to 11 TS from that list? CRT, artist point, HDDR are all 2 credits and then 5 one credit ADRs
I think the Artist Point (but not sure with new pricing) or Bon Voyage are the ones to pay OOP according to If you look in the dining plan info page there is a list and breakdown of all ADRs based on dining credit values.
I think some people pay HDDR OOP so they reserve section 1 seating? I have never been so am not sure though.

I would drop a couple of ADR’s because otherwise you’ll have tons of leftover QS and snack credits. I would drop HDDR and one other, you do have lots of character meals, even with 3 small children it feels like too many. Have you considered Biergarten or Coral reef?