ADR for 2 recommendations

Considering some options for date night (as our planned choices of Flying Fish and Jiko from our cancelled trip are not open this trip). We want to go somewhere new and have never been to any of these locations. We have been to DS but may or may not go with the kids this trip.

1-Abracadabar and either Trattoria or one of the Swalphin restaurants—we are staying at BCR
2-Enchanted Rose lounge and Narcoossee’s
3-Latest ADR for Tiffins–this would burn a park day bc it’s our resort day but only 1 of us would have to add a day from 9 to 10 park days
4-DS–but where to eat?
5-Any other ideas?

Also, how hard is it to upgrade PH tix to PH+ tickets on the ground if we decide we want to go to Blizzard Beach one day?

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CA Grill or Topolino at a resort. Boathouse or Paddlefish in DS.

I would totally consider Geyer Point or 3 Bridges for something casual.


I like your thinking! We are hoping for ADRs for CG and Topo for the family during our trip. My teenage son loves CG–that sushi and steak are his jam. Never eaten at Boathouse or Paddlefish. What is your preference between those 2?

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I agree with all of these except Paddlefish which gets mixed reviews.

All of the others are super swoony and great date spots IMO.

If CG and Topo are part of the family trip, I would definitely go Boathouse.

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My DS, too. In 2019, he was 19 and ate filet, sushi, and French Onion Soup at CG!

I love seafood so I like both restaurant. But in the past, Boathouse is more popular and a harder reservation. I’ve walked into Paddlefish and got to sit outside on top.

Oh, but their lobster mac & cheese, lobster corn dogs, and lobster roll! I’m on a roll about lobster!:sweat_smile::yum:

When are you going? When we were there in late January, I believe the Abracadabar (which is so cool!) was being used as overflow seating for Trattoria Al Forno, but you couldn’t just go to the bar. Is that right @Dreamer? I might not have that right as I was running to get my luggage and get it into my room at BWV.

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I get conflicted about lobster at WDW. EXCEPT at CG brunch with eggs bene.

I’m always worried they’ll have that nasty lobster I had once down south that was just awful.

A New England girl through and though (GO SOX!), I am very critical of lobster and am careful not to get it unless I know it’s really good — because I can get it here any day of the week


I’m not going to argue with a New England girl about lobster! Lobsters are out of the tank and on your plate in 15-20 minutes. Fresh and cheap. And I think New England really knows how to do a lobster roll best but Paddlefish is pretty good. At least it has more than a few pieces of lobster in it!


Are we still talking about lobster or have we moved on to discussing New England girls :smirk:

Lobster is never cheap, but I’m sure it’s probably less not-cheap here than in other places.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Ambiguous pronouns! I’ve edited my post so that it’s clear I’m referring to lobster and not New England girls!

Lobster is so much cheaper in New England than in CA. I eat lobsters several time each trip when I’m on the East Coast. My favorite lobster roll is in Chatham, MA. I’ve only been there twice because it is so far off the beaten path.

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Ah yes.

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Have you been to Neptune in Boston? One of the best seafood amd lobster experiences of my life. And I’m a Coastal Carolina girl.

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Have not! I tend to get my seafood right at the seacoast.

I’d also love to know everyone’s thoughts on the Swolphin restaurants - staying there next month and haven’t been to any of them.

It wasn’t overflow seating; it was just that they were limiting the number of people in the bar so there was a wait.

Since your topic was hijacked by @OBNurseNH 's well meaning but totally inaccurate comparison of cold water vs warm water lobster … I’ll pitch Narcoossee’s. There used to be a sweet two place table out of the way on the left side of the bar that was just right for a date night.

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So, you are a fan? Narcoossee’s doesn’t seem to get much love.

Definitely a fan of the food and the relaxed atmosphere. I suppose it may the association with the Flo, but the restaurant is located out in the dock/marina area and the view over water of Bay lake is quite relaxing.


Bluezoo is great, but it’s gotten mixed reviews since reopening during these covid times. Kimonos is great sushi and Il Mulino gets rave reviews too, but it’s not a must do. Of all the nicer restaurants open now I would choose Narcoosees or Topolinos (which you can get to easily from Swolphin by walking to the skyliner near the international gateway entrance to Epcot).

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