ADR errors

My reservation window opened up yesterday, and I’m having some trouble with two reservations - BOG at 1pm on March 1 and Artist Point at 6 on March 2. On the app it takes me as far as the confirmation page and then says “we’re having trouble loading this screen, please try again”. On the website it goes to the confirm page and says “there was an error booking this reservation. Please try again or call”. Yesterday I did call and the cast member tried to book and then said there was no availability. There’s no way it’s booked up at 189 days - has anybody else seen this before? Is there a workaround?

I’ve gotten the same errors before. I just checked mouse dining and March 1 says all booked for breakfast, lunch, and dinner-BOG. For AP mouse dining has all of March booked. I would set alerts for both, check MDE, and call daily. That was my strategy for back in July. I also will split my party in two and look for times within 10-15 minutes of each other. When you get there tell them and they’ll usually put you together. So I was a party of 8 for AP. I got two rez’s one for a party of 3 and one for a party of 5 at 4:45 and 5:00 I think…

It also won’t let me book the same night for Ohana or Biergarten…this is my first taste of Disney IT fails and it’s so frustrating!

For anybody else who experiences this, some time on the phone this morning got me the information that they just haven’t opened up some of the March calendars for some reason. Sigh.

Disney in no way shape or form tries to coordinate their park hours, special event availability and restaurant capacity with the ADR window, which makes ADR a hit or miss proposition. I’ve seen restaurant reservations adjusted as low as 30 days prior to a trip.

Take advantage of the TP Reservation finder and just keep poking at MDE on a regular basis.

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